Friday Movie night

Good evening guys. Ι have long thought of creating a new section of movie suggestions  in the blog. I have seen so many films of all the genres, that I can think of myself as specialists. haha

Well, today and every Friday we will have FRIDAY NIGHTS! I am very excited about this new chapter of the blog.

So, let’s go!

My first suggestion is ENDLESS LOVE (2014)


Endless Love is a 2014 American romantic drama film directed by Shana Feste and co-written by Feste with Joshua Safran. A second adaptation of Scott Spencer‘s novel, the film stars Alex Pettyfer, Gabriella Wilde, Bruce Greenwood, Joely Richardson, and Robert Patrick.

The film was released on February 14, 2014 by Universal Pictures in the US and UK, and on February 13, 2014 in Australia. The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart.

maxresdefault (1)

David has had a crush on Jade since the first time he saw her in the tenth grade. With high school coming to an end, David has never spoken to her until her family pulls up to The Inn, where David works as a valet. She and David fall madly in love, a love that only grows stronger as parents try to tear them apart. David knows Jade’s past, but as his secrets are slowly revealed, Jade’s trust is tested and leaves them wondering if they are truly meant to be together.


The second movie that i suggest is The Choice.


The Choice is a 2016 American romantic drama film directed by Ross Katz and written by Bryan Sipe, based on Nicholas Sparks‘ 2007 novel of the same name about two neighbors who fall in love at their first meeting. The movie stars Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer, Maggie Grace, Alexandra Daddario, Tom Welling and Tom Wilkinson.



Travis (Walker, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’) is a ladies’ man who thinks a serious relationship would cramp his easygoing lifestyle. Gabby (Palmer, ‘Warm Bodies’) is a feisty medical student who’s preparing to settle down with her long-term boyfriend (Welling, ‘Smallville’). When she moves next door to him an irresistible attraction sparks, that upends both their lives. As their bond grows, and things take a tragic turn, the unlikely couple must decide how far they’re willing to go to keep the hope of love alive… From the director of the below-par ‘Adult Beginners’. This is the ninth Nicholas Sparks novel to be adapted for the big screeb, following the likes of ‘The Notebook’, ‘Dear John’ and ‘The Best of Me’. That trend is in decline though, with falling box office and a struggle to attract well-known actors. This is the most bare bones Sparks yet with nothing whatsoever outside of his usual formula – i.e. love triangle, North Carolina, tragic accident, predictable plot. There’s also been significant fan objection that Tom Welling is playing ‘the other guy’ when he’s far more swoon-worthy than the decidedly average-looking leading man Benjamin Walker. ‘The Choice’ is for die-hard romantics only and fans of the same well-worn Sparks formula.



SO! This is our first Friday Movie night! Have you seen these movies already? If the answer is no, and you love romantic movies, you will enjoy these very much!

Have a great Friday and weekend! See you soon, Sofi.
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5 Reasons Your Mom Will Always Have A Special Place In Your Heart


Whether or not you’ve mentioned any of them to her lately, there are a million reasons why your mom is the best person in your life. Moms are courageous, spectacular beings who understand the depth of love more than anyone else, and on Mother’s Day, we need to let them know that the feeling is definitely mutual.She is irreplaceable in our hearts for good reasons and although you never knew what she was thinking on the inside, she always had your best interest at heart.


Make sure her sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Give her about a million thank-yous. And on Mother’s Day, make her feel like the most special woman on Earth… because  literally she is. So call your mom, get her something nice, and tell her just how awesome she really is.

Here are just a few of the reasons why she is the most wonderful person you know.


  1. If it weren’t for your mom, you wouldn’t be breathing right now. If nothing else, you should thank her for that.
  2. A mother’s ears and eyes hear and see everything. They also have a computer-like memory for all the good (and some of the bad) that came your way. It’s nice to have someone with whom you can reminisce about your whole life.tumblr_inline_mpuujdS7SI1qz4rgp
  3. She loves you even when you don’t love yourself in the adolescent years. There are some tough years where we don’t even know who we are anymore but our moms stabilized that feeling with her love for us. No matter what we do, what mistakes we make, what we say, or how much we upset them, their love for us will never subside. It will always be unconditional. We live in a world where sometimes we don’t realize how hurtful our words can be. Although she might take it to heart when you ask her to drop you off a block away from school, she is still going to love you when you get home. Let’s face it, she puts up with your crap. No matter how big the fight or disagreement, you can always count on her to resolve the issue. Open your heart and drop the resentments because your mom would much rather hug it out and put it in the past. Her smile is contagious and you can’t help but cave in when you see it.cdabd0280641a05b674a3fef46c8d83d
  4. Your mom is the one who supports your dreams when no one else will. When the world turns their back on you, she’ll be standing there with open arms. She will be that unbiased opinion you need once drama strikes and she will get you out of trouble when you need it. She is your person. Nothing is as valuable as her presence. She knows you better than you know yourself. She senses your pain, and radiates positivity. She can read your mind in situations of awkward silence. She knows you, respects you, and lives for your success.f5f25a43fdac877e0f5799aaa1fda532
  5. She is my number one cheerleader.I don’t think I will every meet another person more dedicated to my success and ready to celebrate my accomplishments than my mom. She is hands-down my biggest supporter and will always be standing at the finish line of whatever race I may be running. I could be crawling across that finish line and she’d still be cheering for me the whole way.


Happy birthday to me! 

Hello my beautiful friends and welcome back to my special place. Guess what! 

Today is my birthday!

A birthday is very important to a child. The cake, the candles and gifts are something which they which they look forward to weeks on end. As we get older, we begin to realize that more important than materialistic things are the things we celebrate to those who are most closest to us. 

I have been quick to learn that all the shiny things in life slowly begin to fade, though the one thing that continues to shine in my life is the true connections and relationships I have formed with my family and friends. 

But this year I want to dedicate this birthday to my mom and tell her bow much I love and appreciate everything that she’s doing for me for 27 years now.  These days we’re concern about her health but I’m going to be always by her side because we’re both strong and we’re going to fight !

5 ways to feel better when you are depressed

Everybody gets the blues from time to time. It’s pretty normal, but some people can feel better in a quicker way than others because they’ve found their own remedies to heal the bad feelings.


If you haven’t found yours, these ways may help you instantly feel better.


1. Be Thankful For What You’ve Learned


No matter how bad it is, no matter how much it hurts right now, the lesson you learned from it is far more valuable, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Give i it time…

  2. Positive thoughts     


 Telling yourself to “think positive” can be pretty underwhelming advice, especially when life seems out of control. Instead of trying to convince yourself that your situation is just rosy, focus your energy on approaching the unpleasantness in a positive way. This starts with monitoring and reshaping your internal monologue.

If you catch  yourself thinking, “I can’t believe I’m in this mess again,” correct the thought by  adding, “but I’ll pull through just like I always do.” Keep correcting these negative statements until it becomes second-nature; after that, make it your goal to eliminate the negativity altogether.

 3. Get Active


   Go out to a coffee shop. Go to a library. Attend church or another organization.            Being out and around people can lift your spirits, especially if you meet a                   friend.Feel the sun. You’ll wake up, you’ll feel more energized, and you’ll feel good.

4. New habits


Instead of trying to eradicate old habits, develop healthier, stronger alternatives that bypass the old ones. Developing new habits takes time, but once they are       established, they’re with you for life.

5. Identify and avoid people who bring you down


The last and maybe most important way of all, is to avoid people who don’t appreciate you and they’re trying to bring you down. Surround yourself with friends that make you feel good. You don’t need loads. Find 2 or 3 that can pick up everyone else’s slack. Just having a couple of people to bring you back to that content feeling will do the trick.

Gilmore Girls – A new addiction

Hello everybody, i promise i will be back here and i kept my promise. Today, i want to talk about my new favourite tv show. (another new tv show? YES!)

I wanted for months now to started a new tv show because almost all my favourite are finishing. (pretty little liars, the vampire diaries, bones etc). I really wanted to find a show that lasted at least 5 seasons, because otherwise its not worth my time.

Last October everyone on twitter were talking about the NEW season of Gilmore Girls, 10 years after the end of the show. The passion of people made me so curious about the show. If so many people loved it, i was already sure it was worth my time.

I tried to watch the first season, but i was so busy and not in the mood, that finally  i didn’t actually like the pilot and deleted the first season.

But everything changed last February, when finally i decided to start watching. You have no idea how much i liked the pilot. It was sooo good and exactly what i like watching to relax. Let me tell you some more about what i like more about this show. I’m still in season 6 but i think i know already some things about the show.

Firstly, i loved the special relationship between Rory and Lorelay because i have the same bond with my mother and it was so good to actually see a healthy mom/daughter relationship on tv.



 And can we talk about the OLD Hollywood references in every episode? I’m so in love with old hollywood and Rory and Lorelai are watching so many old movies and tv shows. It’s like we’re friends and we know the same things. ( weird, i know).giphy

Now, let’s talk about the couples of the show. I’m going to start with Rory. I really loved her relationship with Dean. It was so painful watching season 3 and see Rory breaking his heart. He’s the best boyfriend in the world and he deserved the world.

while Dean initially isn’t cultured in the same way Rory is, he’s willing to learn about all her interests. Love and hurt both take huge tolls on him, and he loves Rory with his whole heart. Jess shuts down when he’s upset and Logan takes out his frustrations with whiskey and daredevil-style stunts, but Dean just wants to talk about his feelings, and there’s something really special about that.No matter what, Rory has always been able to come back to Dean and cry on his shoulder. Whether it’s healthy or not, he’ll always have a torch burning for her. finally-re-just-damn-cute-together





And now let’s talk a little about Jess. This is so hard for me because i really loved Jess, but i dont think he was the right guy for Rory. Yes, he loved her but he made her so sad and unsure about herself and everything. From abandoning her when he goes to California (without even telling her he’s leaving), to trying to coerce her into sleeping with him before she’s ready, Jess is far from the perfect boyfriend material.


Let me focus now on my favourite character not only in Gilmore girls but in the whole world. This is the one and only Luke! I dont even have the words to describe how great this guy is. I loved him since the first episode. I had no doubt that Lorelai and Luke were going to be endgame because Luke is perfect.


I didn’t matter if they were together or not, he was always here for Lorelai and Rory.

And did i mention how funny they were together?? a4b1458e-433a-48a1-8462-0dc1490ce225

For the end, i want to mention that Emily Gilmore even tho she’s really annoying and difficult character, i really enjoy every scene with her.


November/December favourites 

Hello friends!

First of all I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that was so nice to me this first month that i’m blogging. it’s been so good!

Now this is the first time I will try to do the favourites products of the month!


I plan to do this every month if it’s possible.  I will try to film a video for my channel too and add the link here.

It’s been a pretty great month and I definitely have a little list of products that  I’ve been loving/using the most this month! Let’s get right into it, shall we? For this month’s products I didn’t spend a lot of money but I think they’re pretty nice.

The first one product i want to talk about is this amazing purple lipstick from essence. Its the long lasting lipstick 27 and i really loved using it this month.


Now i want to talk about my new powder. This one powder is from Golden Rose. It’s the number 06 and its really good for my skin.  It doesn’t contain a mirror, but it has a spong of nice quality. The powder texture is soft easy to apply & it has light to meduim


Now, let’s see the Golden Rose Blush. It has a silky/satiny texture and it applies and blend nicely and easily into the skin.


Last but not least is Master Contour by Maybelline. It’s definitely my favourite product of them all. I’m an expert on contouring but this one really helped me made some hightlights.




3 Days Quote Challenge

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.”

Audrey Hepburn


Hello guys, i’m so sorry i wasnt online for a week or more but a lot of serious things happened to my family. Actually, someone is my close family died 2 days ago…These serious situations makes you see everything different. But i don’t want to upset you with these things.

tumblr_ogbkmakxvk1shn04do1_500I’m so sad i didnt manage to finish the 3 days challenge but i’m going to finish it today with some quotes at the same day.  I love finding more quotes about several situations because they can always inspire me. My favourite categories of quotes are the: inspirational, about life, travel and dreams. Every time i read one quote, i feel so related to it. It’s like someone far away, is trying to help me you improve your life. Somewhere, someone wants to help you live happier. How great is that feeling?

This one quote means so much to me.


3 Days Quote Challenge


Hello friends! Today’s i’m doing a wonderful challange. I have my blog only 4 days but i really love it already. I was nominated by a very special blogger maureenrose7. Thank you so much for that!

I’m so excited for this challenge because i love quotes and i’m using them almost everywhere. They say exactly what you want to say but in a better way.

Rules of the challenge:

  1. Three quote for three days.
  2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform the nominees.

My first quote for today is:



I nominate:

  3. don’t Faff

Waiting for Christmas…

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.

Calvin Coolidge


Is the Christmas season started already? I’m not quite sure but let’s see how to get prepared for the christmas spirit..

Every year this period i’m trying to watch every single one christmas movie out there…What’s Christmas without the classics?  I’ve watched these since I was a little kid.  Some moviess just never get old.  🙂


But let’s make a list of my favourite movies.

1. Home Alone



2. It’s a Wonderful Life



3. Look who’s talking now


I don’t even have the words to describe my love for this movie. It has everything i love in a movie. I love the image of the perfect imperfect family, where everyone care about each other and they try their best to spend time together. tumblr_inline_muxftvoeqq1qazwkm


4. The Holiday (2006)

5. A Christmas Carol (1938)

6. Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)

7.  Elf

8. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

AND NOW some movies that i plan to watch for the first time this year.  I’m sure i will love them. !

  1. Miracle on 34th Street.

2.  Holiday Inn

3. White Christmas

4. The Bishop’s Wife – 1948

5. Babes in Toyland (1934)

6. Meet me in St Louis