Gilmore Girls – A new addiction

Hello everybody, i promise i will be back here and i kept my promise. Today, i want to talk about my new favourite tv show. (another new tv show? YES!)

I wanted for months now to started a new tv show because almost all my favourite are finishing. (pretty little liars, the vampire diaries, bones etc). I really wanted to find a show that lasted at least 5 seasons, because otherwise its not worth my time.

Last October everyone on twitter were talking about the NEW season of Gilmore Girls, 10 years after the end of the show. The passion of people made me so curious about the show. If so many people loved it, i was already sure it was worth my time.

I tried to watch the first season, but i was so busy and not in the mood, that finally  i didn’t actually like the pilot and deleted the first season.

But everything changed last February, when finally i decided to start watching. You have no idea how much i liked the pilot. It was sooo good and exactly what i like watching to relax. Let me tell you some more about what i like more about this show. I’m still in season 6 but i think i know already some things about the show.

Firstly, i loved the special relationship between Rory and Lorelay because i have the same bond with my mother and it was so good to actually see a healthy mom/daughter relationship on tv.



 And can we talk about the OLD Hollywood references in every episode? I’m so in love with old hollywood and Rory and Lorelai are watching so many old movies and tv shows. It’s like we’re friends and we know the same things. ( weird, i know).giphy

Now, let’s talk about the couples of the show. I’m going to start with Rory. I really loved her relationship with Dean. It was so painful watching season 3 and see Rory breaking his heart. He’s the best boyfriend in the world and he deserved the world.

while Dean initially isn’t cultured in the same way Rory is, he’s willing to learn about all her interests. Love and hurt both take huge tolls on him, and he loves Rory with his whole heart. Jess shuts down when he’s upset and Logan takes out his frustrations with whiskey and daredevil-style stunts, but Dean just wants to talk about his feelings, and there’s something really special about that.No matter what, Rory has always been able to come back to Dean and cry on his shoulder. Whether it’s healthy or not, he’ll always have a torch burning for her. finally-re-just-damn-cute-together





And now let’s talk a little about Jess. This is so hard for me because i really loved Jess, but i dont think he was the right guy for Rory. Yes, he loved her but he made her so sad and unsure about herself and everything. From abandoning her when he goes to California (without even telling her he’s leaving), to trying to coerce her into sleeping with him before she’s ready, Jess is far from the perfect boyfriend material.


Let me focus now on my favourite character not only in Gilmore girls but in the whole world. This is the one and only Luke! I dont even have the words to describe how great this guy is. I loved him since the first episode. I had no doubt that Lorelai and Luke were going to be endgame because Luke is perfect.


I didn’t matter if they were together or not, he was always here for Lorelai and Rory.

And did i mention how funny they were together?? a4b1458e-433a-48a1-8462-0dc1490ce225

For the end, i want to mention that Emily Gilmore even tho she’s really annoying and difficult character, i really enjoy every scene with her.


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